Scalps and Skins 3-D

You probably know what a 3-D Shoot is but what is a Scalps & Skins 3-D Shoot?

A "Scalps & Skins 3-D" is an Oranco design.  Oranco Bowmen Archery Club hosts 5 major 3-D shoots and 1 paper shoot each year, attracting archers from all over Southern California.  Our major 3-D shoots have 42 targets each.  But if you want a smaller, less competitive 3-D, if you want a little practice between the big shoots, then the "Scalps & Skins 3-D" is for you.  These are mini 3-D's, held on certain Saturdays at Oranco during the months of March through July.

The course is twelve (12) 3-D targets, each target having two different shooting stakes, set at different distances and angles.  The archer goes around the course the first time using stakes #1-12, and the second time using stakes #13-24.  The archer gets the experience of shooting 24 targets at different distances.

The course is casual, in that you can shoot the course any time between 9:00 am and 12:00 noon.  When you show up, you register and shoot the course.  Registration will open about 8:30 am.  If the targets are set up early, shooting will begin before 9am.  Targets are picked up at 12 noon.  Plan your shooting accordingly so you will have time to go through the course.  It's casual.  You can shoot it by yourself or with a group.  It's less competitive because there are no awards given out at the shoot.  The only person you are competing against is yourself and maybe the person you're shooting with.  The cost is only $10.00 per archer, and "Cubs" & PeeWees shoot free with a parent or guardian.

EXTRA BONUS:  With a lot of bowhunters in our club and neighboring clubs, occasionally the last "Scalps & Skins 3-D Shoot" of the year, is BROADHEADS OPTIONAL.  Those who want to, can shoot broadhead arrows at the 3-D targets.  This is just before hunting season, and is an excellent opportunity to make sure all your equipment is working right.  Bring your RANGE FINDERS, field binoculars, camo clothes, backpacks, and ANYTHING else you want to carry for the last  shoot only.  This is the chance to make sure you have ALL of your gear working well before going out into the field for your hunt. 

Oranco has six (6) Scalps & Skins Shoots during the spring and summer months.  Oranco also holds 5 major 42-target 3D shoots each year, along with 1 paper novelty shoot.