Animal Round

The animal round is much like the 3-D round but the targets are 2-D, that is, an animal is printed on a sheet of paper that is usually pasted to cardboard.  Distances are marked to give everyone an equal chance.  Scoring is a bit different on this round. 

How It Works:  The goal is to shoot each target with the minimum arrows required to hit the target.
The archer takes three arrows and marks them 1, 2, and 3.  When the archer gets to the shooting stake he/she
shoots arrow # 1.  If the archer hits the scoring area he/she does not need to shoot another arrow.  If the archer misses the first shot he/she moves up to the next shooting stake and shoots # 2.  If the archer hits the scoring area with the second arrow, there's no need to shoot # 3.  There is no penalty for shooting all three arrows.  If you are not sure, take your next shot.  You still score the numbered arrow that hit FIRST.  You are not required to take the score of your last arrow.  If the archer missed #1 & #2 arrows, the archer moves up and shoot #3. 
Scoring:  The scoring area is divided into two parts, the vital area and the non-vital area, and is scored accordingly. Plus, there is a spot in the vital area that is worth 1 point extra.
Scoring is based on where you hit with which arrow.  The best score per target is 20 points (#1 arrow in the vital area) and the total possible score for the round is 280 points. 
Distance Markers:  The adult archer shooting stakes for the animal round are colored yellow.  
Adult (18+) and Young Adult (15-17) Shoot from the adult yellow markers.
Youth (12-14) Shoot the adult yellow markers up to 50 yards.  For adult distances over 50 yards, group 1 targets, the archer will shoot from the closest yellow marker.
Cub (Under 12) The longest distance is 30 yards.  Shoot 3 arrows from the black markers.
Spot Scores:
1st Arrow = 21
2nd Arrow = 17
3rd Arrow = 13

Shoot straight, and have fun!