Club Rules and Safety

Each Member is responsible for ensuring that he/she, all members of his/her family and all guests are familiar with the following rules and that these rules are followed to the letter.

The Board is empowered to expel from the range and or club any person guilty of gross violation of any safety rule.

To ensure your safe and enjoyable use of our archery range, all members and our guests are required to read and heed this notice in full as a condition of continued use of the range. This notice consists of three parts: a description of the natural hazards of our range, reasons for immediate expulsion and a complete set of board-approved safety rules and policies.


While reasonable care has been taken in the setup of our range, it is still located in a natural setting. As such it contains hazards over which Oranco Bowmen exercise no control. Therefore, all persons using our range are cautioned to be constantly aware of and take personal responsibility to avoid or otherwise negotiate these hazards. Members who bring guests to the range must ensure they are aware of these hazards before venturing out onto the range.

Rattlesnakes have been found on the range. Pay attention to where you walk, especially when off the trails when searching for lost arrows. If you or a member of your party is bitten, immediately seek medical attention at the nearest hospital.

Some parts of the range are rugged and may contain deep holes, brush-covered ravines, makeshift bridges, unstable slopes, hillsides and embankments, stinging insects, hazardous animals, and thorny brush. Suitable clothing, such as long pants and footwear that provides good traction and ankle support, are recommended. Again, you must take care where you walk, stick to the groomed and cleared trails as much as possible, remain clear of steep and unstable embankments, and otherwise pay close attention to your immediate surroundings at all times.


  • Giving the gate combination to a non-member
  • Shooting broadheads in any area on the range other than in the designated broadhead pit
  • Vandalizing any Oranco property
  • Target Camping at any target on either roving range


  • Membership card must be visible at all times while on range.
  • No Overhead Drawing
  • 300 FPS Arrow speed MAXIMUM
  • We have a bow press and scale available. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK
  • Smoking only in designated areas around clubhouse and refreshment stands
  • No alcohol consumption allowed on the range while shooting a tournament. It's OK after the shoot in the assembly area
  • No glass containers on the range at any time
  • Gate is to be closed and locked at all times except on Sunday between 8.30 am to 2.00 pm. Remember to close the lock and turn the numbers to hide the combination.
  • Guests are allowed to visit with a member.  Fees will be waived for the first two visit.  After those visits, the guest will be welcome to join the club or to come on Sundays and pay the $20 fee for range use
  • Negligence in the use of archery equipment, horseplay and dangerous, rude or belligerent behavior of a member, his/her family member or his/her guest are not tolerated and are grounds for suspension or expulsion of the member from the club
  • Shoot only at targets set up by the range master.  For target butts set up as part of the field range, shoot only from designated or otherwise safe positions. Ensure that you shoot from positions that provide an unobstructed shot and a safe backstop
  • Never shoot when the safety of the shot is in doubt. Notify the Range Captain or another board member of problem immediately.
  • Nock arrows to the bowstring only immediately before drawing to shoot. Never walk the range with a nocked arrow.
  • Always be certain that there are no other persons within a 30 degree arc centered on the target, of any shot being considered
  • Never shoot into the brush where the arrow may travel into an area that cannot be seen before the shot is taken
  • Always be sure to take into account the possibility of an arrow being deflected by brush or branches, and do not take any shot when such a deflection could pose a hazard to other archers
  • Members are responsible for the safety of their equipment, as well as that of their children and guests, prior to shooting
  • Never attempt to shoot a cracked or otherwise defective arrow or an arrow that is too short for your draw length
  • Arrows may not be carried loose. Each archer must use a quiver to store arrows while on the range
  • Before crossing the firing line at the practice range to pull arrows, ensure the range is clear, all archers have ceased shooting and acknowledge the range is clear. Bows should be hung up before retrieving arrows from bales on the practice range
  • Broadhead arrows are not to be shot at any targets on the range, except in the designated Broadhead pit
  • The use of crossbows, firearms and air guns on the range is at all times prohibited
  • When behind a target, searching for arrows, lean your bow across the target, or have one of your group stand in front of the target to alert the archers approaching the shooting position as to your presence
  • Walk the range in the proper direction only to avoid crossing the path of arrows shot from the opposite direction. This applies to all areas of the range
  • The range is for the practice of archery only. Hiking and sightseeing on the range during normal shooting times are not permitted since arrow over flight of some of the field targets may land in areas that cannot be directly viewed from shooting stakes
  • Hunting, harming and/or harassing of wildlife in any way is prohibited. However, adult members are authorized to take prudent actions to protect themselves and others from potentially dangerous animals
  • All children are to be closely supervised at all times whether shooting a bow or not. They are to be warned of all hazards described above and are encouraged to remain on established trails at all times. Children who are incapable of understanding range hazards and controlling their own behavior must be directly and closely supervised at all times by a parent or guardian.  It is recommended that such children not be taken onto the range. Children are to be discouraged from running on the range

The Oranco Bowmen Board of Directors thanks you for your attention to these rules.

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