(Junior Olympic Archery Development)

Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) is a program of USA Archery that helps archers to enjoy the sport recreationally or progress to the excitement of competition!

JOAD program focus on basic to advanced shooting form, different styles of archery, understanding equipment, and introduction to competitive archery. JOAD is a year round archery program designed for youth archers who are committed to developing their form and skills as they pertain to archery. This is a structured program with regular scheduled class sessions. The archers meet year round and must keep their attendance at an 85% level or they can be removed from the club roster. Our coaches work with our archers to define goals, and with our parents to address equipment, tournaments and forms of archery, and individual archers goals and progress.

JOAD sessions offers both recurve and compound archers the opportunity to learn range safety and proper shooting technique in an environment that also fosters focus, increased self-confidence, and team building skills. Students learn they must overcome distractions and obstacles, and have a plan of action. Archery provides a fundamental relaxation quality in that the archer must be focused on the immediate moment. Archery is a self-challenging and rewarding activity, blending physical and mental resources.

Currently we have members whom are certified USA Archery Instructors and a USA National Level 4 NTS Coach: Vernie Urbano. Our education and training staff certifications are up to date and training materials on hand. All are current members of USA Archery and NFAA. All of our instructors follow the USA Archery Code of Ethics and have undergone background screening through USA Archery.

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