Oranco Bowmen is a private archery club, open to its members 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. (We close the field ranges about 15 times a year for tournaments)

We are a family oriented archery club. We know that children are the future of the sport and we want to encourage archery as a family activity. Your Family membership includes membership for you, your spouse, and your immediate children up to 18 years old. (Family members under the age of 22 who are full time students taking at least 12 units may be included)

Membership gives you daily use of the range and our monthly newsletter to keep you informed of what is happening at the club and around Southern California.

Joining Oranco Bowmen is pretty simple but we have some requirements that must be met before becoming a member:

  • Submit a completed membership application. You can sign up at the club house on Public Sundays between 8:30 am and 2:00 pm

  • Attend at least two Club Meetings. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday each month at the club house. Meeting starts at 7:00 pm.

  • Complete two work parties. (Range Maintenance)

  • Pay Initiation Fee (One time fee unless your membership lapses)

  • Join and Maintain a membership in either CBH/SAA (California Bowmen Hunters/State Archery Association) or NFAA (National Field Archery Association)

  • Pay Pro-rated dues from the time you complete your requirements

  • Attend a Mandatory Orientation Meeting

Upon completion of your requirements, you will receive your membership card (must be visible at all times when you are on the property) and access to the range.


Our Dues are $180 - Individual, $240 - Family and $90 for Junior membership. They start on June 1st each year and are pro-rated the rest of the year.

Individual Family Junior
June $180 $240 $90
July $165 $220 $82.50
August $150 $200 $75
September $135 $180 $67.50
October $120 $160 $60
November $105 $140 $52.50
December $90 $120 $45
January $75 $100 $37.50
February $60 $80 $30
March $45 + $180 $60 + $240 $22.50 + $90
April $30 + $180 $40 + $240 $15 + $90
May $15 + $180 $20 + $240 $7.50 + $90

The above chart does NOT include the Association Membership or Initiation Fees.

Association Membership:

All members of Oranco are required to maintain a membership in CBH/SAA. This state organization provides education, and assistance to all archers. They also watch out for our rights as archers and citizens. A CBH membership card also gives you a $5.00 registration discount for 3-D tournaments at Oranco and other archery clubs. A separate yearly fee enrolls you with all both associations. The cost at this time is:


CBH / SAA (only): Adult HOH only $40.00
Associated Membership Family (includes HOH) $50.00
(Required) Youth w/o parent/guardian $15.00


NFAA / CBH / SAA: Single HOH $80.00
Regular Member 1st add on- Spouse $10.00
(Not Required) 2nd add on-Child $5.00
3rd add on or more $2.00 ea. child
Addtl adults in household $42.00
Youth w/o parent or guardian $30.00

If you are already a CBH / SAA member, include a photocopy your membership card, or show it when at the clubhouse to join or renew in person. Note: A copy of your Active NFAA card satisfies this requirement. No Card, No Combo. No Exceptions!

If you do not keep your membership current, you loose your continuous membership credits toward membership anniversary awards. You are also assessed the $30.00 late fee but your previously recorded work parties will be safe, and will give you credit when joining later in the year. If membership is not renewed, recorded work parties cannot be saved for a second term and are forfeited.

Work Parties:

The Range is maintained by our member volunteers. We hold work parties the Saturday before each of our major events to setup the shoot and preform general cleanup. We also hold work parties for target gluing and such. Cook shack work parties (Cooking burgers and dogs during an event) are counted a double credit. Each work party equals $30 off next years dues.