Please feel free to contact one of our board members if you have a question about the club or the range. Here is our Contact Info

The range office is open to the public on Sundays from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM. (excluding major holidays)

Still have some questions...Next time you are down at the range, ask someone.  There is a wealth of knowlage standing at the practice butts and walking those paths.  Someone will be glad to give you some advice. 

Do we loan equipment?

Sorry, No. The club does not loan equipment to individuals. We do host various events for the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Wounded Warrior Project where we provide basic equipment and instruction, but as a rule, you need to have your own equipment. You should consult your local archery shop. They are best suited to properly fit you for a bow and equipment. It is very important that you be properly fitted. Many people get into archery with the wrong equipment and fail to learn and enjoy the sport. Don't go to the Big Box Stores unless you know what you want. If you are a beginner, visit your local archery store and spend some time with them. They want you to be happy and will do their best to make sure you are properly fitted.  Arrow length and type are also very important.  Safety First!

What about instruction?

We are exploring the possibility of providing some basic archery classes.  Again, as a rule we will refer you to your local archery shop.  Most archery stores offer some form of by-the-hour instruction.  We Highly recomend that you take a few lession to familiarize yourself with your new equipment before you come out to the range.  Even if you are an experienced archer, this will save you a lot of time and frustration when you are just starting off with a new bow.  They will also teach you how to safely use your equipment.  Ask lots of questions.  Let them know what type of shooting you are interested in and they will be happy to show you your options.  See the list below for some of the different types of shooting.  Again, Safety First!

Our Next Event


North American Field Archery Championships

November 10-11

28 Field, 28 Animal and 28 Hunter

Pre-Registration ends November 1st

Do you have questions?

Here are links to some local archery shops:

1912 W. Commonwealth Ave.

Fullerton, CA. 92833

(714) 449-9744

1919 Atlas Dr.

Riverside, CA. 92501

(951) 684-9192

41669 Winchster Rd.

Temecula, CA. 92590

(951) 699-7500

25782 B Obrero Drive

Mission Viejo, CA. 92691

(949) 916-6855

525 N. Andreasen Dr. Ste. M

Escondido, CA. 92029

(760) 432-0605

Oranco Style Info

BB - Barebow

No Sight Fingers Only Any Stabilizer

Draw Check and String Walking Allowed

BH - Bowhunter

No Sight Fingers Only

12" Stabilizer

BHFS - Bowhunter Freestyle

5 Fixed Pins, Release

12" Stabilizer

BHFSL - Bowhunter Freestyle Limited

5 Fixed Pins, Fingers Only

12" Stabilizer

FS - Freestyle

Any Sight, Written Memorandum

Release, Any Stabilizer

FSL - Freestyle Limited

Any Sight, Written Memorandum

Fingers Only, Any Stabilizer

LB - Longbow

No Sight, Fingers Only

No Stabilizer

RC - Recurve

No Sight, Fingers Only

No Stabilizer

Safety! Safety! Safety!

Sorry, but we can't say it enough. Our members have worked very hard to provide a Safe, Clean and Enjoyable environment for our sport. Please read over our Rules and Safety page before you visit the range for the first time.  We have alot of young archers on the range.  It is up to us to set an example for the future of the our sport.

Dont Forget!

Additional Resources:



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