Novelty Shoot

A novelty shoot is special shoot put on by an archery club, where the targets can be any design.  The targets are generally paper targets, but not always, and are usually marked yardages.  A "milk jug" shoot is a good example.  A "milk jug" shoot is 5-gallon plastic milk bottles, empty of course, suspended from swinging ropes.

Paper novelty shoots can be up to the imagination of the club.  The targets may be hand painted, drawn, or computer generated.  They could be animal pictures, designs, or cartoon images.  They usually follow a theme, such as  St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, etc., with the targets following the theme.  They will generally have a scoring bulls-eye spot and rings.

Another popular novelty shoot is a "21-or-Bust" shoot, featuring targets showing a deck of playing cards.  The object is to shoot 2 or 3 arrows, getting as close to "21" as possible, without going over.

You can use just about anything you want as a target for a novelty shoot.  Balloons, hard-boiled eggs, paper plates, and half-targets are all examples.  The idea is to make it creative and fun, with a bit of a challenge thrown in.

The Club holds one major 42 target novelty shoot each year in January called "THE STUMP AND VARMINT SHOOT".  This consists of 42 hand painted stumps with some varmints thrown in for fun.  Our intention with this shoot is to bring back the FUN of shooting at random targets in the woods that has become somewhat obsolete since the introduction of more powerful equipment and expensive arrows.

Do you have an idea for a novelty target?  Suggest it to your club.  It just may become a reality!

Oranco holds 5 major 42-target 3-D shoots each year, along several league shoots calendar for dates and flyers.