Hunter Round

The hunter round is similar to the field round except that you shoot at an all black face with a white dot, and the distances are slightly different. The ranges on this round vary between 33 feet and 70 yards.  14 targets for a Unit.  Twice around a Unit makes a Round (Qualifier).  There can be 28 targets, one after the other, or you can have a 14 target course and shoot it twice.  Each 14 target unit has the same shots, but not necessarily in the same order, on a 28 target field course.  There are four size faces to shoot at and different distances on the roving course.

Targets are round, with a white spot, black inner ring, and black outer ring.  Scoring on the targets is 5-4-3, identical to the field round.  The archer gets 5 points per arrow hitting the spot, 4 points per arrow hitting the inner ring, and 3 points per arrow hitting the outer ring.  Touching the line will count for the higher score.  With four arrows per target, there is a possible score of 20 points per target and a perfect round is 560.

Distance Markers: The adult archer shooting stakes for the hunter round are colored red.

Adult (18+) and Young Adult (15-17) Shoot from the adult red markers.
Youth (12-14) Shoot the adult red markers up to 50 yards.  For adult distances over 50 yards, the archer will shoot from the 50 yard blue marker. 
Cub (Under 12) The longest distance is 30 yards.  Shoot 4 arrows from the black markers.


Shoot straight, and have fun!